Do you know what MAPMOD has to offer you as an industrial company?


Yes, MS MAPMOD is a one-year educational programme. But a special one!

Training students in a post-degree level to a higher level of expertise in the fields of computational mechanics,

digital materials and advanced processes modelling means a great and close connection with Industry.


We are here to discuss with you your technological and scientific problems.

Share your needs with us.


In the framework of MAPMOD:

  • your needs will be defined in terms of a one-year project for a student who already graduated at an engineer level (Bac+5).
  • This dedicated student will be accompanied by at least one CEMEF scientist, expert in your need field.
  • You will access all the means of the laboratory: devices, clusters, computers and software as well as people, scientists, engineers and technicians necessary to answer your demand.
  • Your demand will be the dedicated student duty for one year: the first 6-month period on a part-time basis, as “your” student will also be following courses, conferences… the last 6 months will be a full-time work
  • During the year, we stay closely connected through confcalls, meetings, visits…


This great “package” will for instance help you:


  • To unlock a technological lock
  • To train one of your collaborators
  • To recruit your future collaborator



What about the cost?

The cost of a MS MAPMOD project is 33k€ HT (+tax).

This amount includes the financing of training expenses (including student’s remuneration).

Some projects may be eligible to research tax credit* (CIR), which allows to deduct 60% of the amount paid from corporation tax.


MAPMOD relies on the multidisciplinary scientific expertise of CEMEF Lab.

For more than 40 years, CEMEF has provided a recognized expertise in the field of materials, based on multi-material, multi-process,

multi-scale and multi-physics approaches.

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You want to discuss a project, ask a question, contact us via

email  (mapmod{at}